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      Electronic smart ic card water meter


      This water meter is an electronic high-sensitivity water meter with small starting flow and high measurement accuracy. It adopts a variety of patented technologies (name: one is applied to smart water meter device capable of resisting strong magnetism; IC card water meter case with ball valve and water meter connected; automatic error correction check of electronic water meter, etc.), technologically innovative products, High production automation and high production capacity. It is a smart ic card water meter with excellent quality.

      • Choose internationally-used PPO materials that meet the requirements of pure water, healthy and environmentally friendly

      • Electronic high-sensitivity water meter with small starting flow and automatic error correction

      • Dual backup battery: A battery is enclosed in the circuit board to ensure the storage and display of the electronic data of the water meter; the power supply battery ensures that the water meter works normally for more than six years.

      • Multi-event recording function to record 12 months of water consumption

      • Built-in precision clock, with management software to achieve ladder water price

      • One meter and one card record water consumption, prepaid function, first use water after recharging

      • One-card function, support one card multi-table, realize water and electricity card

      Electronic smart ic card water meter

      Parameters & installation


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