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      Detachable NB remote transmission remote control water meter


      The detachable NB-IOT remote transmission remote control water meter is a smart water meter product launched after the detachable NB remote water meter, and the technology has far-reaching remote control function. The same applies to the company's "detachable intelligent remote water meter" patent technology, "anti-freezing patent technology" and other proprietary intellectual property rights. The base watch is a wet water meter, and the NB-IOT intelligent remote transmission module is installed on the top to form a remote water meter. Built-in stainless steel valve for remote control. The technology is stable and reliable, and it is easy to disassemble and maintain. It is suitable for the renovation of old tables of one household and one meter, as well as the installation of household meters for new buildings and the need for water metering and charging, as well as the need for arrears to close the valve. After-sales management is very convenient and highly humanized. It is the preferred IoT water meter product of the water resources management department.

      一、Technical characteristics:

      • The base table complies with the national standard GB/T778-2007 "Drinking cold water meter and hot water meter"

      • The base table complies with the national standard GB/T778-2007 "Drinking cold water meter and hot water meter"

      • Detachable patent technology, built-in valve, easy to measure and charge for tap water management department。

      • Cyclone wet liquid seal base table, NB-IOT wireless intelligent control module is installed above the base table;

      • The base meter and intelligent control module can be split for easy maintenance and replacement.;

      • Wireless remote transmission, using NB wireless remote transmission technology;

      • Built-in battery can guarantee the normal measurement of water meter for more than six years

      • Pre-paid and post-paid features with management software

      • Data permanent storage function

      • This smart water meter has a built-in valve for remote control

      Detachable NB remote transmission remote control water meter

      Parameters & installation


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