Liquidity Rewards

Earn KTNC through Algodrops faucet.
ASA ID #361671874

Are you
fur real?

This token is a cheap or free way to explore the Algorand ecosystem. It's like catnip for the crypto soul.

Trading pairs on, algofi and algodex. Plus we give it away on algodrops.


KittenCoin ($KTNC) is an algorand standard asset, favored by felines worldwide.

Even a kitten knows Algorand is a low-cost, carbon negative, non-forkable blockchain that is the future of crypto. 

Meow is the
Purr-fect Time

Our anytime really.

Our community is a friendly gateway to the Algorand ecosystem. You probably won't become a fat cat with $KTNC, but you might just have some fun.

"Ther too many doggo coins, now cats haz one."