humane society of wichita county, Texas

For the past 35 years the Humane Society of Wichita County has cared for the homeless, abused and abandoned animals in our area by providing food, shelter, medical care and affection until they can find their forever homes.

Adopt me-ow, Chiang mai, thailand

Adopt Meow is a group of locals and expats who rescue and care for needy kittens and cats while helping them find a permanent home in Mae Rim and Chiang Mai.

The Humane Society of Wichita County

The cats are given an entire house which holds a mature cat medical recovery area, 2 kitten rooms (one for kittens in recovery, one for kittens to meet adopters and play), and a mature cat play area.

The mature cat area includes access to both indoor and a caged outdoor play area that allows the cats to enjoy both indoor and outdoor living, and through donation these facilities can expand while retaining their vision of a high quality of life for these cats in transition to their permanent homes


ADOPT Me-ow in chiang mai, thailand

The Adopt Me-Ow Rescue Center provides a temporary home to approximately 40 cats and kittens.

Adopt Me-Ow works hard to make sure every cat and kitten gets the care they need before finding a loving forever home

Aside from facilitating adoption, Adopt Me-Ow has rescued hundreds of kittens and cats. Some of them were badly injured and in need of immediate medical attention.